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CoomberSewell Enterprises LLP has been trading since 2012. We are registered with Companies House and are appropriately insured for our industry. We are a wife and wife team, working with trusted associates to grow and support what we do geographically. Our business is founded in our passions and our belief that to attain contentment, we really must do what moves, touches and inspires us, in turn inspiring our clients to reach their goals.

Joyce CoomberSewell

Joyce CoomberSewell heads our autism services and has a Bachelors in Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring and is undertaking a Masters by Research addressing:

Tracking The Timeline Of Perceptions Of Autism In The United Kingdom From The 19th Century To The Current Day

Here she introduces herself:

I am a mother of 3, mother-in-law of 2, grandmother of 11, grandmother-in-law of 3 and a great-grandmother of 1 and I achieved all of this by the age of 64. From my Mum down there are 54 descendants, of whom 66% of us are on the autistic spectrum including myself. This has never stopped me being successful in life; in many ways it has been a bonus. I have confidently set up and ran two successful business over the last 25 years. I am currently 66 years old and still working as well as being a University student.

In my early 40s I was diagnosed with Dyslexia, and at 58 I was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyspraxia.  It then took two attempts to be diagnosed with Autism. Why you may ask! When seeking a medical diagnosis you are asked to have 3 questionnaires filled in. One by yourself, one by someone who knows you well and one by someone who knew you as a child. This is where my problem laid, and lays for many older people seeking a diagnosis of autism. I did not have anyone to fill in this questionnaire. At my first attempt the psychiatrist told me he was 98% certain I was autistic but could not give me the diagnosis as ‘that’ questionnaire wasn’t filled in.

So, back to my GP I went and this time I was referred to the Maudsley Hospital. Again I was asked to get the same 3 questionnaires filled in. My diagnoses this time was successful… to a point…. PDD-NOS. What does this mean? Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified. This NOS part was because I have no one who knew me as a child alive today and therefore the questionnaire was not completed. Now this diagnosis was given to me in 2018 BUT this diagnosis was moved into the single diagnosis of Autism Spectrum with the publication of DSM-5 in 2013. So why is this outdated and no longer used diagnosis still being given out?

Key relevant qualifications:

BA in Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring (Canterbury Christ Church), NVQ level 3 Customer Service, SPELL in Higher Education; NAS Autism Awareness;

Dr. Jane CoomberSewell

Jane has now successfully finished her PhD and heads our academic services. Her research interests lie in comedy, audience reaction, and woman’s history across literature and performance. As a skilled and experienced proof reader and audio typist, she has applied her teaching experience and qualifications to develop a tailored study skills support provision. Jane is increasingly pursuing independent research projects, either for herself, or as part of collaborative teams. Jane’s background is in local authority and the Civil Service, and therefore has a strong understanding of strategic use of resources and budget.

Key relevant qualifications:

PhD; CELTA; Teaching and Learning Level 3; SPELL in Higher Education; NAS Autism Awareness; MA in Public Services Management (York); BA in English Literature and History (Liverpool)

Joyce and Jane have, over many years, provided supported living to 3 young autistic men. Two are university students and one is a care worker. All 3 have relevant qualifications for their chosen careers. 2 have now moved on to live independently.

Curious about becoming an associate?

If you think you have the skills and qualifications to offer one of the many DSA NMH services, but do not want to attempt the rather long winded registration process, please contact us. We welcome freelance associates into the CoomberSewell family. We guarantee a fair hourly rate and transparency in our offer, processes and requirements.