If you are thinking of applying to a University or maybe have started your studies and you believe you have met the criteria of autism, or other differences, then you may also wish to apply for Disabled Student Allowance. (yes I agree the word disabled should be re-designed as us autistics are far from disabled) Then we can help you with your application, which is within Student Finance.

Part of this process is to have your specific needs assessed through a Needs Assessor. You will NOT be given any extra cash par-say but may include items like a laptop, printer, printer paper and ink along with computer items like Dragon (you talk to your Dragon and it types your words out for you) Sonocent (audio note taker) etc. You may also be allocated human help, like a note taker, learning support, Study Skills Tutor (Jane CoomberSewell) or a Mentor, ME 🙂

If you have a preference for our Company to provide your DSA non-medical help, please mention this when you have your DSA Needs Assessment. If you are allocated CoomberSewell Enterprises for your DSA non-medical help, please CONTACT US, including a copy of your DSA2.

Other DSA Services

We offer a range of other DSA Non-Medical Helper Services, including Learning Support, Transcription and Text checking (think a light touch proof reading). Some of these services have geographical limitations. Please ask your DSA Needs Assessor to check we cover your University.

Please see our full list and description of our support roles.

In order for us to arrange your support, should we be your chosen company, we will require the following:

  • A copy of the authorisation letter from your funding body (DSA-2)
  • Your course timetable.

The information can be sent to us by post or email. Please see our contact details below:

CoomberSewell Enterprises LLP
23 Old Green Road
St Peters
CT10 3BP

t: 07799 514470
e: autism@coombersewell.co.uk

Alternatively, please complete our contact form and we will get back to you to help you through the process. As soon as we have received your information, we will “match” you to an appropriate support worker.