Mentoring is not counselling, though they have areas in common. A mentor is an informed, considered person, who will build rapport with you, get to know you, listen to your concerns and challenges and help you make well thought out plans and strategies to not only overcome, but succeed. Just as importantly, they will help you celebrate your victories and make the best of your strengths. Mentoring can cover not only your work life but your past, present and future. For our autistic clients, you might be keen to hear that we do not expect eye contact, we love fidget gadgets, understand stimming and we celebrate you as an individual. If you are a student, we understand mentoring can overlap with study skills in certain areas, for instance, our mentors are excellent teachers of public speaking and presentation skills.

Mentoring for Parents Through the Ever-changing Development of Their Autistic Child

As parents we all desire the best for our children, whether biological, adopted or grandchild. When that child presents with some ‘differences’ we seek advice, help, diagnosis’s or may even hope for a ‘cure’. Here at CoomberSewell Enterprises we do not have every answer but what we do have is knowledge and research tactics to help you to understand and except your child for who they are, and like any parent help them to reach their own personal goals.

At CoomberSewell Enterprises we appreciate that watching your child, whether they are autistic or not, become a successful adult has its own set of challenges and concerns. This can be particularity difficult if your child has ‘differences’ from other children but the principles are the same if not a tad more scary.  We realise that every family is different, but we also recognise the temptation to carry on helping later on as they transfer into adulthood. Universities and the work place do not welcome this, indeed our children sometimes perceive this as meddling. We will listen to your concerns, your feelings of loss tinged with pride and excitement. and work with you to develop coping strategies for yourself and your changing relationship with your offspring.

We understand because we live it too!

Mentoring for partners and friends of Autistic Adults

When your partner or best friend gets a diagnosis of autism, nothing changes, yet everything subtly shifts. You may find, initially they are euphoric or the opposite, worried and perplexed. This is normal for anyone getting a diagnosis for any condition, not just for autism. How can you help… be there for them whatever they need. This may mean a shoulder to laugh or cry on, celebration or a quiet room to let them process, alone, what has been diagnosed. It may take time for everything to sink in.

Here at CoomberSewell we can help them and you to process what their diagnoses means and to look at the adventures that lie ahead. Yes it maybe a rollercoaster but as it was once put to me, ‘a flat line only has one meaning, a roller coaster is much more fun, even if it is a little scary’.