Having been a long-term member of the Twilight networking group I was very eager to participate in the new Brunch, mid-morning, network.

Though Brunch and Twilight are very different in their formats, they are currently both on Zoom which has given me the opportunity to meet people across the whole of Great Britain. They are both exceedingly good places to be to meet like-minded businesspeople.

Having attended both Brunch meetings and numerous Twilight meetings I have had multiple 121’s with people eager to make connections. These meetings are not primarily to instantly do business but rather to build relationships and even friendships. The outcome of this is that I can confidently refer other businesses to the businesspeople I meet.

Neil D’Silva is a great instigator of these two networking groups, which both come under the banner of GoNetworking. The atmosphere is light and inviting with clear instructions on how these meetings will be orchestrated and how to make the most of them not only by listening to one another but by sharing in the chat, which can be saved and used after the meeting.

I am very much looking forward to my continuing presence in these two networking groups, Twilight and Brunch.

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